….these are words, either singularly or in various combinations, that we are all very familiar with in the context of building design. And yet to have all of these characteristics embodied within a single project is commonly considered to be rarely achievable.  However, Gregg Winkel Architects will always strive to have each and every one of those features resonate within each and every project. 

We often hear statements like…."Isn’t that building beautiful.  I bet it cost a fortune!”  This does not have to be the case!!  When the project budget is substantial, it is relatively easy for a building designer or architect to create a beautiful building.  But Gregg Winkel Architects has built a reputation on working with all ranges of budgets, yet is still able to create functional, practical, sustainable, cost-effective, AND beautiful buildings, even with the smaller budgets.

Gregg Winkel Architects is a small practice.  If you have a 50 storey office tower project to build, you most likely will not talk to us.  Although…….come to mention it……..we’re game if you are! However, we do undertake almost everything else………commercial and residential.  Gregg will personally design and document all aspects of your project, and you will talk exclusively with Gregg.  This personal attention to all aspects of your project will quickly reveal the tangible benefits to be gained from over 25 years’ experience that Gregg brings to the table.

Now that we have covered the ‘warm and fuzzy’ stuff, the fundamentals of our business involve the following –

  • We can provide all or some of the following services – design services, documentation/drawings for planning and building approvals, co-ordination of all necessary sub-consultants, detail construction drawings, interior design services, specifications, tendering or contract negotiations with builders, and administration of the building contract through to completion of construction.
  • We use up-to-date 3D architectural modelling software (Autodesk Revit) so that clients can easily “experience” their building before it is built.
  • We are an A+ Member of the Australian Institute of Architects.
  • Gregg is currently a registered architect in both Queensland (since 1982) and New South Wales (since 2001), and at various times has been registered in most other Australian States and Territories.
  • Gregg is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects (FRAIA).
  • After working as an employed architect on masterplanning for EXPO88 and on restaurant and other commercial projects, Gregg established Gregg Winkel Architects in May 1988.